Fig Truffles with Almond

São Bartolomeu
S. Bartolomeu do Sul , 8950-000 , Castro Marim (S. Bartolomeu do Sul) , São Bartolomeu

dried figs q.b., lemon zest q.b., dark chocolate q.b., almonds with skin q.b.

Delicious Dumplings dried figs, hand made with dark chocolate and almonds, all certified organic origin.
Begin by grinding the dried figs until they are in paste and add lemon zest. After the paste rests, small balls are made, by hand. However coarsely mash the almond crumbs (with skin), set aside. Place the dark chocolate to melt in a water bath and when it is in a liquid state pass the small balls through this mixture and then into the crushed almond. Place the pellets to stand to harden, then it can be consumed.

* Typical recipe from: Quinta da Fornalha.

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