Torta de Alfarroba e Mel

Castro Marim
Associação ODIANA - Roteiro dos Sabores do Baixo Guadiana , 8950-909 , Alcoutim, Castro Marim e VRSA , Castro Marim

Carob is widely known as the healthy alternative to chocolate. The taste is practically the same as cocoa, a sweet but salutary version! The carob has known a new impulse at the gastronomic level: from liqueur to cakes, biscuits and pies, to ice cream and chocolate, as well as bread and the traditional "Bunny Berlin", but carob.

Ingredients: 6 eggs, 250g sugar, 2 tablespoons carob flour, 1 tablespoon wheat flour, 1 1/2 tablespoon melted margarine, 1 1/2 tablespoon honey, 2 cups milk .

Preparation: Carob and honey, abundant products in the Algarve, are two ingredients beneficial to health and with a very pleasant palate. This cake reconciles the best of the two ingredients, becoming a sweet for dessert or to savor at any time of day, accompanied by a coffee or a good glass of milk. To prepare begins by hitting the sugar with the whole eggs (beat with a wooden spoon). Add the melted margarine, carob flour, wheat flour, honey and, finally, milk. Mix everything so that it is homogeneous, without granules. It will cook in a tray lined with parchment paper. Allow to cool slightly before wrapping.

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