Mundialito Color
Monte Gordo

route of 5 km where the sole objective is to have a good time with family and friends and enjoy with music and colors.

Mundialito Color is a new way to do sports. Participants start dressed in white and each kilometer they will be bathed with colored powders (red, orange, blue, green, yellow...) while they are enjoying with the music of our Dj'.

T-shirts takes incredible tones making an unique mosaic. Mundialito Color is a party without age or physical limitations, everybody can participate! And to finish... FOAM PARTY with music and color!!

The inscription includes one "Runner Bag" with a T-shirt, dorsal, and colored powders.

The colored powders are harmless, don't damage your health and are friendly to the environment.

The organization has the guarantee of the brand Mundialito. 23 years of experience behind us. We have sports professionals who work every day to improve our events.

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