A Chaminé

Av. 24 de Junho , 8950-411 , Altura , Altura
    +351 281 950 100
    +351 281 950 102
Day off: Closed on Tuesdays, except July and August.

This is an international prestige restaurant that was repeatedly representative of Portuguese and Algarvian cuisine abroad. He won several prizes in contests and gastronomic fairs, including the latest "The golden cataplana".

Born in Altura at almost 30 years ago, "The Chimney", is located in the heart of a tourist village prostrate by the sea, surrounded by beautifully landscaped.

At the entrance of the restaurant a comfortable terrace where you can also dine or lunch especially summer. Once inside, we find a refined atmosphere, where over the white tablecloths, immaculately starched stood out the long and elegant wine glasses.

The service is led by the chief Feliciano one of the most respected Portuguese chefs, a true connoisseur of good food.

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