Cerro do Bufo Trail

Pedestrian and BTT Trail
from Castro Marim
Spring, Summer, Fall

The Cerro Bufo course is linear, pedestrian mode and / or cycling, with a distance of 10,5k m's (Return).

It is a medium difficulty trail, completely flat and with a duration of about 3 hours.

Here you can see the industrial salt flats, salt marshes, Carrasqueira estuary and agricultural crops. It is an excellent trail for birdwatching, and among the most assiduous bird species we find:

Wintering species (from October to March)

- Spoonbill | Platalea leucorodia
- Flamingo | Phoenicopterus roseus
- Cormorant | Phalacrocorax carbo
- Great Egret | Egretta alba
- Trumpet Duck | Anas clypeata
- Common Coot | Fulica atra

Summer species (from April to September)

- Sea Partridge | Glariola pratincola
- Mouse-rats | Ardeola ralloides

Resident species (throughout the year)

- Heron | Ardea cinerea
- Long-legged | Himantopus himantopus
- Mallard | Anas platyrhynchos
- Crested grebe | Podiceps cristatus


- In winter, particularly in times of rain, this trail is impractical.
- This route is not circular, but linear. From one point to another is about 5.2 km's, however, the return already accounts for about 10.5 km's.

NOTE: The Cerro do Bufo Trail was implemented by the ICNF, however Odiana in 2020 (in collaboration with the ICNF) was responsible for its requalification, as well as for the installation of an Avifauna Observatory.



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