Castro Marim
São Bartolomeu do Sul , 8950-101 , S. Bartolomeu do Sul , Castro Marim
    +351 967 309 049

The AlturaKites already has 10 years of kitesurf school. 

Nuno Gomes, the owner, is an instructor certified by internationally recognized authority on the training and certification of instructors, the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) - as well as the IPJ (Portuguese institute of sport) the only legal certification for teaching kitesurf in Portugal. 

The AlturaKites was the first school in the county to devote himself to teaching this sport, to carry out promotion strategies and dissemination of it and to participate in the organization of events linked to the practice of Kitesurf. 

AlturaKites teaches the twelve months of the year, dedicated not only to teaching the sport, but also sale, rental and Kitesurf equipment repair.

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