Cynetic Alcoutim

Concelho de Alcoutim , 8970-000 , Alcoutim

Alcoutim is one of the country's municipalities with greater demand for hunting practice. In Algarve Alcoutim is in fact the most hunting municipality, having almost half of the tourist hunting areas in the Region. Hunting species as the partridge, the rolls, rabbit, hare, wild boar and fox is practiced in Alcoutim lands since immemorial time, always associated with the delicious cuisine.

Here hunting is already a major source of employment, direct and indirect, in the municipality, as well as a substantial incoming revenues. On the other hand, hnting has contributed to increasing the flow of visitors. Hunting is the most emblematic business card from Alcoutim.

Perhaps by the cultural roots, after the Hunting Law have allowed the creation of Associative and Touristic Hunting zones, civil society from Alcoutim expressed great associative dynamism and business, having many hunting associations.

All information about the hunting can be found in detail in the Algarve Hunters Federation website at:

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